Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mulching the Garden: Day One

Come mid-June, my garden is growing on pace.  So are the weeds.  To conserve water and prevent the weeds from choking out the desired plants, I use newspapers and mulch to protect the plants.  This solution is attractive and environmentally sound.  It’s also a lot of work, so I take care of the project in a few days.  Now that I am responsible for the care and feeding of a 16 year old, there is a ready labor supply for getting the bags of mulch from the car to the garden.

From there, it’s all on me.  The garden was plenty overgrown so I start with weed removal.  That was Saturday's first task.

Then I laid out newspapers and began to lay down the newspapers and the mulch.   The transition from overgrown to ordered is lovely to behold.

I love the work and enjoy the outcome.  I’ll be finished later this week so there will be more pictures.  

That’s happy!

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