Monday, June 27, 2016

Mulching the Garden: A Job Complete

I had expected that it would take at least three days to finish the mulch job but Sunday afternoon found me with enough time and energy to finish the work.  The wedding chore had been finished so I started by laying out the newspapers in the rest of the garden.

Then I began to cover the area with mulch.  It was a warm afternoon but there was plenty of shade when I was ready for some iced tea and the chance to cool off.

With the mulch job complete, the garden looks terrific and is ready to weather the hot days of summer.  In flowerbeds, I like the look of full and lush plants and shrubs.  But a vegetable and flower garden  needs some order so that I can look after the plants. walk the rows to pick my produce, and ensure all the plants will flourish and grow.  The look of this neat and tidy garden rather makes me swoon.

Golly, I love summer!

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