Wednesday, July 27, 2016

At the Corner of Summer and Relaxation

After some early flirtation with drought, our New Jersey summer has settled into a sunny, humid heat with just enough thunderstorms to keep things lush and green.  This is the view of my backyard that I love the most.  It’s the first thing I see when I come downstairs in the morning.  As darkness settles in each evening, there are lightening bugs twinkling in this lushness, a vision that never wears out its welcome.  This view is the vision I carry in my head when I’ve grown weary of Winter’s cold and I need to warm my soul.

The summer of 2016 seems to be rushing past me.  It’s hard for me to believe that August is just around the corner.  I remind myself that there are still six weeks until the arrival of students in the hallways at school.  That’s plenty of time find an extra hour on the front porch with a good book, watch a ballgame with JT, enjoy a leisurely summer supper with my family, eat a bowl of homemade ice cream, take time for an adventure with T, and otherwise soak up all the glory of summer.

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