Friday, July 01, 2016

July 1: In the Backyard Neighborhood

We’ve settled in to the fullness of summer and the backyard corner is in full bloom.

The clematis is past prime but the hostas are preparing to bloom and the peach tree is fully leafed out.  This year’s small peach crop was gobbled up by the local wildlife.  I’ve learned to be sanguine about such developments.  After all, I can't stop them without being cruel and we all must share in nature’s abundance.

We’ve had patches of dry weather in the last six weeks and are in danger of a localized drought.  I run the sprinkler on my vegetable garden but typically leave the rest of the garden and yard to fend for itself.  We had an inch of rain earlier this week; more is forecast for this afternoon and I hope that will help to ease the dry lawn.  

Whether it’s via rain or my sprinkler, I expect July will bring even more growth to the garden and the backyard, a lovely development to behold. 

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