Sunday, July 03, 2016

July on the Front Porch

As June began to wane, my friend T (known in my world as daytime T, because we work together) gifted me with a charming homemade wreath for my door.  She made it herself and it is perfectly lovely.  I came straight home and hung it on the door.

With July on the front door, it seemed fitting to change out the tablecloth on my cast iron table.  This navy blue gingham cloth was a real find.

My outdoor plant and flower collection has grown since June, a summer development that seems to happen each year.

The impatiens in the polka dot pot by my rocking chair have filled out nicely.

This porch is my summer haven, the place where I start each day with a book and a cup of coffee in the early morning.  Most summer evenings, I sit out here to read and watch the last of the sunlight fade.  On busy days during the school year, when unscheduled time seems a distant memory, I open up my photo collection and these pictures feed my soul.  

That’s happy!

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