Saturday, July 16, 2016


It’s been my experience that once I make that first batch of summer jam, the impulse to can more things grows stronger.  It’s like my inner Laura Ingalls can’t be stopped.  JT’s favorite jam is blueberry and the stack of fresh New Jersey blueberries at my local market was more than I could resist.  Just like that, four cups of blueberries became five jars of jam.

There are charming labels to mark the completed project.  They come from an Etsy shop, of course.

The completed jars were lovely to behold.

One of the jars headed straight for the fridge for eating later this summer.  The rest will be stored in my cool basement.  Come cooler weather, JT will heap this jam on homemade biscuits.  For all of his life, blueberry jam will taste like home.  

That’s pretty sweet.

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