Thursday, September 01, 2016

In the Backyard Neighborhood: September 1

Right on schedule, we had a rainstorm Wednesday night and this morning, the first day of September, temperatures have cooled for the hazy morning.  The backyard neighborhood is still sporting plenty of green but there’s a sense that those days are coming to a close.  The peach tree has lost a few yellowed leaves and the hosts along the garage paint the upcoming scene in this corner of the yard.

I’m not really ready to embrace the new season.  Transitions have never been my strong suit.  I suppose some cooler temperatures will mellow my attitude.  But right now, September just feels like busy early mornings, long days at school, and grown-up clothes.  Once I settle into the swing of things, I’ll embrace the new season and laugh off my earlier resistance.  That’s how it always is for me.  So for now, I’ll ride the wave confident that the outcome will be pleasing.

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