Monday, September 05, 2016

Saturday at Costco: September 3 edition

Early in August, T and I rolled into Costco on a Saturday morning.  Most customers had full shopping carts but T and I were bemused by one elderly man who needed no cart and had braved the parking lot for just one item: A Costco-sized bag of prunes.  T and I looked at one another and shared the same silent thought: I hope that works out for you, sir.

For reasons of crowded lines, poor decision-making,  and Jersey-style parking lots, I try to avoid Costco on Saturdays.  But I work for a living and sometimes I have no choice but to roll into the insanity on a Saturday.  There is an upside to this kind of poor decision-making on my part: Costco’s Saturday shoppers often provide me some very confounded amusement.  In this spirit, I am pleased to offer a new occasional feature here at Sassafras Mama: Saturday at Costco.

On the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, Costco shoppers really dialed up the crazy.  On this day, I saw the following:

1.  A man with long dreads, wearing shorts, a dapper buttoned sport coat, and sunglasses.  He had plenty of gold chains but no shirt under the jacket.  It seemed like a collection of odd fashion decisions for a jaunt to Costco but he was working it, so who I am I to judge?

2.  A man with a cart that was empty but for 12 roasted chickens. 

3.  A man with the usual assortment of Costco items, as well as 2 dozen bottles of fish oil pills.  

In the interests of fairness, I disclose that I came to Costco wearing a skirt, a t-shirt, and flip flops.  Not a thrilling combo, but not shocking.  I bought the following: a package of chicken breasts, bacon, and 4 cartons of ultra-pasteurized half and half. 

Carry on, Costco shoppers.

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