Friday, September 16, 2016

Real Life Texts with JT: Digital Parenting edition

The backstory:  Like most families, JT and I often communicate by text message.  Typically, we’re exchanging need-to-know information.  But sometimes, need-to-know is complicated, as it was earlier this week when he was at home and I was at Middle School Back to School Night.

JT:  Do you know what time you are coming home

As an experienced reader of JT’s texts, I sensed the urgency in this message and opted to ignore the poor punctuation.

Mama: Yes, around 10:30.  Do you need anything?

JT:  I can’t find a shirt to wear tomorrow.  I have no clue where my 2 blue shirts are and the white one does not fit

He’s referring to dress shirts.  The next day was a dress-up day at school and he needed a shirt and a tie.

Mama:  In your closet fresh from the dry cleaner.

JT:  Alright thank god.  Still gonna need something for pic day on Friday

Mama:  There are two shirts in that dry cleaner bag.

JT:  Sweet.  Also, I fucked up and forgot to tell you I am supposed to bring treats for advisory Thursday so do u think its possible to get Munchkins from Dunkin I’m sry.

I pride myself on providing homemade treats and on the next day a late-afternoon cross country race was scheduled at a course more than an hour from home, so this late-breaking news created a bit of a jam up, which our hero well knew.

Mama:  I may let you live…we will get a treat together because I am awesome.

JT:  Thanks m8.

Oh, 16, sometimes you can be charming.

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