Friday, October 07, 2016

Halloween on the Front Porch

When it comes to decorations for the front porch, October is my favorite month.  I’ve a great vintage black jack-o-lantern tablecloth and it serves as a foundation for my plans.  Mums, ghosts, gourds, and pumpkins make things easy and each October I have lots of options.  

Out front, there’s a Halloween flag, a mum with a ghost, and a Halloween sign.

By the rocking chair, things are welcoming for whichever ghost stumbles by and needs a rest.

October mornings are often too cold to sit out on the porch when I wake up in the inky early morning.  But in the afternoon and early evening, the porch is still welcoming and on those days, I’m aware that the time is fleeting.  Fall days pass quickly, the sunlight steadily shrinking and the cold creeping closer each day.

This year, I set out the Halloween decorations on the first day of October.  I enjoyed making my plans and visits to local produce markets for pumpkins and mums.  It makes me happy to celebrate the season and I look forward to Halloween itself, when neighborhood ghosts and goblins will knock on the door in search of candy treats.

That’s happy!

But not particularly scary.

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