Saturday, October 15, 2016

Real Life Conversations with JT: Heads Up edition

The backstory: Commuting in New Jersey is an adventure in crowd control.  The classic New Jersey commute is to drive one set of roads to work and a whole other set of roads to get home.  A t various points in the time I have lived here, I’ve done that.  I’ve been driving the same way home for several years, via local roads instead of the interstate.  Recently, there have been long (and inexplicable) jam ups on a road that used to move quickly.  T has noticed the same thing and recommended that I try the interstate, which I had long ago given up as too jammed with traffic.  We’re tried that route for the last three days and have been rewarded for our effort.  The 10 mile drive home on the local roads had been taking us more than 40 minutes.  The revised route has shaved 20 minutes off the drive.  As JT and I flew down the  highway, we were pleased.  And then JT paid me the ultimate complement in his world.

JT:  In baseball, there is heads up base-running.  But this has been some head’s up driving.  Nice work, Mama.

I’ll take it.

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