Tuesday, November 01, 2016

In the Backyard Neighborhood: November 1

The beauty of my once-a-month photo project is that by the time it comes to a close, the last picture of the year looks a great deal like the first picture of the year.    If feels like the project has come a full circle.  Seasons are like that and for me there is power in that sense of the infinite.

Sometimes, November 1st finds many leaves already down.  But not this year.  A lot of leaves have fallen in the last month, but plenty yet remain in my backyard, especially on the peach tree.  Up close, it’s apparent that they have begun to turn.

In the next month, likely in the next few weeks, these leaves will have fallen to the ground to join the growing collection.  November is one of those months that always ends on a different note than the one which brought it in, with big changes.  This November is no exception.  I’ll be a month older; the nation will have (hopefully) elected it’s first woman president.  By the time we get to Thanksgiving, I’m hopeful that we have a lot for which to be thankful.

The peach tree will be on my list.

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