Monday, November 28, 2016

In the Thick of It

My life is lived according to the school calendar.  On that calendar, the weeks between Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays are the most chaotically busy.  Because I am with children every day, as the December days pass, there is also energy generated by their excitement.  Holidays and two weeks off from school are at hand and the students can hardly wait.

The five days off for Thanksgiving were a breather that permitted me some time to relax and refresh for the coming juggernaut. And make no mistake: it is a juggernaut.  The next three weeks will feature a 7th grade field trip; extra evening events (7 over the next three weeks); wrestling practice (which never ends before 5:30 pm); and the schoolwork which signals the end of the first trimester.  All of it happens as the minutes of sunlight in the day steadily shrink.

It can be daunting.  For me, the remedy lies in the fact that it is December: the twinkling lights, the cheery Christmas decorations, the pretty packages, and the the traditions of the season delight me.  They are a calming balm in the chaos of the month.  That’s happy!

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