Monday, January 30, 2017

By Day 9

On Inauguration morning, in the last few hours that we had a reasonable and thoughtful president in the White House, I ranted at an NPR reports about Trump as JT and I were driving to school.  JT wasn’t in the mood for this and snapped at me that Trump hadn’t even taken office and that I “had to give him a chance.”  This tip was offered as earbuds were inserted in his ears, so a dialogue did not develop.  Instead, I drove to school wondering if JT was correct, and I should withhold my anger and frustration about Trump.

Just a few hours later, as I read the Cheetoh Kleptocrat’s bombastic and ignorant inaugural address, I had my answer.  Trump had been given a chance, and he’d already let the nation down.  Within 24 hours, as Trump and his flunkies were lying about the size of the inaugural crowd and insisting on the notion of alternative facts, it was clear to me that the honeymoon was over.  The week’s barrage of executive orders, culminating in Trump’s effort to ban select Muslims from entering the United States, sealed the deal for me.

The Resistance is on and I am all-in.

Saturday evening, as airport protests spread throughout our nation, I followed on Twitter, made another donation to the ACLU, and contemplated the importance of the fact that the majority of us did not vote for the Cheetoh Kleptocrat.  The good news is that those of us who oppose Trump are in the majority.  The challenge will be to maintain a careful and vigilant resistance in the face of the sheer volume of White House actions.  We’ll need the patience to remain active and leadership to urge us forward and see us through.  This is our nation just as much as it is Donald Trump’s.  We must remember that every single day and make our voices heard.

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