Friday, January 06, 2017

In the Thick of It

We returned to classes on Tuesday; JT starts midterm exams today.  Over our Winter Break, I updated my new 2017 calendars, laying out the wrestling meets and assorted events that will take us to our mid-March Spring Break.  Though 2017 is new, we are nearly at the mid-point of the school year and experience reminds me that the months ahead will rush by in a flurry of activities and events.

JT is a Junior this year and I’m aware that his application for and departure to college is in our sights.  I’m not quite ready for the time to fly by so quickly.  But I remind myself that I’m not in control of the calendar.  I am in control of how I manage these rapidly passing days.  I make sure to make time to enjoy the moments as they unfold; I take time to laugh and enjoy my son’s company.  When he runs, or has a wrestling match or a baseball game, I am there.  My goal now is the same as always —— to raise a happy adult.  For years, that seemed like a distant goal.  These days, it seems a bit closer than I expected.

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