Friday, January 13, 2017

On Mornings

I haven’t always been a morning person, but the older I get the more I find mornings to be a lovely part of my day.  In the quiet as the sun rises, I have time to read and think; to write and make plans for my day.  

On school days, I get up at 5:30 am and after my shower, I drink coffee, practice Spanish, catch up on work e-mails, read, and write while I eat breakfast and listen to NPR.  I use the time to make a mental list of the things that must be accomplished or attended to in the day.  That quiet hour sets me up for all that the day will bring.  

On days off, I’ll often get out of bed at 7 am and still be drinking coffee, reading, and writing at 9 or later, when the rest of my family surfaces.  The quiet is time for me to take stock of the passage of time and the pace of our days and weeks.

Morning is lovely no matter the season.  In the late Fall and Winter, I rise in the darkness and watch the sun peak over the horizon as I enjoy my coffee.  In the Spring and Summer, I wake with the sunlight.  If the morning is warm enough, I can steal a few minutes outside.  In the Summer, my early morning wake up permits me the luxury of time outside before the heat of the day has taken hold.  

I enjoy the quiet; the sounds of nature; and my sense that a new day feels fresh.  I like the fact that even the busiest of days can start with time for quiet; a pause before the chaos begins.

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