Monday, January 23, 2017

Front Porch in January

In my world, January is the month when Winter really takes hold.  The front porch decorations of the month echo Winter’s stark stillness.  The front door has a bare wreath.

The table has greenery and pinecones with a touch of deep red to bring cheer in the chilly, short days.

The snowman flag is in the air.  If it’s going to be cold, I figure, why not have some snow (and maybe a snow day off from school!)?

The front of the porch has a string of white lights on an automatic timer so that we needn’t come home in the dark in the evening.

So far, Winter hasn’t brought us snow and though it’s been seasonally cold, it hasn’t been frigid.  Today’s forecast promises wind and rain but no ice.  We’ve passed the middle of January and had only one snowstorm.  It happened on a Saturday, so it didn’t give us an extra day off.  At this rate, February may also require an invitation to snow!

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