Monday, March 27, 2017

Back in the Saddle

Our lovely two week Spring Break has ended and the students return to school this morning.  I expect they will be well-rested and energetic and that’s good; I feel pretty well-rested myself.  April and May, with sunlight, blooms, and warmth tend to make us all giddy with the season.  I’m excited for the coming summer myself, so the children can certainly be excused.  I spent my break getting things done and I’m pleased with the work I’ve finished.  

From here on out the time flies.  We’ve three weeks until Easter and just seven more after that and then the school year closes out.  The chores I completed during the break are a down payment on the insanity that surrounds the close of the school year and I feel rested and ready to face the busy days.

Here we go!

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