Sunday, March 12, 2017


For years now, I’ve kept an annotated list of the books I have read.  The annotations are mostly thoughts about what I enjoyed about the book and the notes are often a reminder of my thoughts and experiences, especially of my first reading of a book.  I am an inevitable re-reader, often many years later, and I enjoy thinking about how a book’s influence on me changes as I age and change myself.  

I’m thinking of this because this morning I finished a book and with Spring Break at hand, I know that I will have more time to read in the coming two weeks.  At this point in the school year, I usually only have time to read in the evening when I tuck into bed.  I’m lucky to finish a few pages before I fall asleep.  I usually manage to complete one book a month and I begin to long for more time to read.  Spring Break offers that time.  I won’t be so exhausted when I climb into bed and in the coming two weeks will probably get to read two or three books.  I’m perusing lists of past reads in order to set myself up with some good books.  That’s happy!

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