Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Seasonally Affected

My house has small closets and I compensate for that fact by using my upstairs attic closet to store sweaters and out-of-season clothes.  Twice a year, I swap out the closet in my bedroom.  My declaration of the hour of seasonal change isn’t entirely random, but in all honesty it is driven by my desire to start the next season.  Once I make the swap, I am fully committed to the change.  Mother Nature doesn’t quite turn one season off in order to switch to the next and her slower seasonal transition can rather trip me up, especially in the Spring, the season I most long to enjoy.

I manage to avoid facing the snow in sandals, but I am occasionally cold in the Spring.  This is what happens when you’ve packed away cold weather tights and wool sweaters and skirts in favor of linen and cotton clothing and summery sandals and shoes.  I guess my pride will have to keep me warm.

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