Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Old Man Tree: March 1st

Clearly, February brought no progress in my plan to tear the ivy off the trunk of my tree.  There are signs that we’ll have an early Spring, so I’d best get cracking in the next few weeks.  Happily, Spring Break is later this month and I fantasize that break will provide me some time for this chore.

I always love Spring’s arrival.  It’s a season of tempting promise, with more and more warmth and bits of verdant green that have me dreaming of the lushness that will soon follow.  I’ve garden catalogs with dog-eared pages that fuel my planting daydreams.  There are bulbs with green tips peeking out of the soil.  The amount of daylight is steadily increasing and the coming time change is means a lengthening of the twilight that is my favorite part of the day.  

Though I am anxious to get Spring started, Old Man Tree will move at a more stately pace.  For me, that’s a welcome reminder of the value of patience.  Old Man Tree reminds me that Mother Nature is powerful and enduring, an idea that I find profoundly comforting.

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