Sunday, March 05, 2017

Unwelcome Deja Vu

One of the most notable features of life lived on the Nebraska plains is the wind.  It blows often on the prairie and in the Winter the blowing wind could make a cold day downright miserable.  I though of this yesterday, which was cold and windy, with temperatures that never got above freezing and a blowing wind that made it feel much colder.

The source of my reflections was a self-induced problem.  I’ve been growing my hair out and it’s longer now than it has been since I lived in Nebraska.  Coming out of the pool after my swim, I scraped my wet hair into a ponytail.  As I walked to the car, that wet ponytail slapped against my face, a sensation I haven’t experienced since I cut my hair short nearly 20 years ago.

It reminded me of Nebraska, though not in a good way.  Note to self: on a windy day, keep that wet hair in a messy bun.  

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