Monday, July 10, 2017

Garden Report, Week Six: Monday, July 10

I pledged to make pictures of the garden every week this summer.  And then I got the floors re-finished and lost track of time.  The good news is that I never lost track of the garden and this past weekend, I finally finished laying the mulch that helps me to keep the garden well nourished all summer long.  

In the process, I counted more than a dozen tomatoes set on and getting ready to provide us with fresh produce in a few short weeks.

Many of the zinnia seeds I first planted were eaten by birds and so this past weekend, I put some more seeds down.  We’ll see how that goes; I am still hopeful I will have home grown bouquets later this summer.

This year’s garden is a bit smaller than usual, a concession to the demands of my May and June.  But there is thyme, basil, oregano, rosemary, and plenty of tomatoes.  With any luck, they’ll be joined by some zinnias.  

July is always a glorious month for gardening and this year is no exception.  That’s happy!

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