Monday, July 03, 2017

Patriotic Porch for July

With July 4 on the horizon, I made plans for a new display for this month’s porch.  To be sure, the current political climate has me reluctant to express patriotism (more on that tomorrow).  There is a lot about my nation that I love; at our best, Americans can do some very good things. We are not at our best right now, but I haven’t given up hope.  This is as much my nation as it anyone else’s and I have no intention of giving up the battle on behalf of our better angels.   So I will celebrate our Declaration of Independence with some red, white, and blue and the enduring hope that we can do better.  

My front door wreath is a gift from my crafty friend daytime T.

The table has a red and white tablecloth and plenty of summer greenery and blooms to go with my charming white birdhouse.

The rocker is doing double duty as a place to relax and to dry out JT’s washed running gear.  Those double begonias are quite literally over the top..

The popsicle flag cheers my days and reminds me that simple pleasures make summer lovely.

This summer's flower baskets make me smile every day.  

That's happy!

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