Monday, February 05, 2018

Front Porch in February

Winter days on the front porch are more austere than the warmer seasons.   In my mind, Winter calls for greenery and pinecones, so that’s what I use most often.  All year long, I enjoy collecting the items that will make up the month’s decorations.  I aim for inexpensive and charming, so it’s rather like a treasure hunt.

The pinecones in this basket make regular appearances on the porch.  They are a collection of found pinecones supplemented by a bag from Michael’s.  The heart garland was a $3 find at Target, and the cloth in the basket is a a old kitchen cloth that has seen better days but holds up just fine for the front porch.  The tablecloth is like all my front porch tablecloths, from the bargain rack somewhere, in this case Home Goods.  The red pattern can serve for a variety of seasons, so it was worth the $8 price.

On the table, whenever possible, I aim for the rule of three, collecting an odd number of items to make a display.  But some months, simple seems more fitting and so February’s table has just one item.  The basket is weighted down by a brick so it doesn’t blow around in the wind.  The flag is new, a birthday gift that will cheer up the cold Winter days.

The wreath is a craft store find, with a polka dot bow I tied on a few years ago.  It only comes out for February and is still fresh.

The plain Edison lights are back, turned on by timer so that we come home to light on dark Winter evenings.  It’s hard to make a picture of these lights that truly shows their beauty and warmth, so you’ll just have to believe me (or come over….they are very welcoming!).  

Setting out February’s porch decorations reminds me that warmer days are in the offing.  Soon enough I’ll sit out here with a book and some iced tea.  That’s happy!

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