Sunday, February 04, 2018

Family Traditions: Snacks & Sports

The backstory: This year, as JT prepares to head off to college, I’m writing about the traditions that spell love in our home.  I’m thinking of them more mindfully than usual as I prepare to send my bird from his nest.  For me, these traditions  were always about a securing a happy and well-loved childhood in preparation for a happy adulthood.  They are about creating memories that will endure and this year, writing about them is helping me to think about the next chapter in our lives.

Watching sports is a family tradition in itself and for as long as he’s been able to toddle around and help himself to food, we’ve celebrated major sporting events with an assortment of appetizers.  That’s my favorite food to make, because everyone’s favorite can be served.  I have literally dozens of recipes for this kind of food and I’m always on the lookout for additions to my repertoire.  Snacks like this instead of a meal always feels special and over the years it’s become a tradition in our home. For Super Bowl Sunday, we had an assortment of everyone’s favorites.  

There were little smokies in BBQ sauce; homemade boursin and garlic toasts; homemade salsa and chips; brie, olive cream cheese, and crackers; and chicken tortilla soup with avocado.  

It is plenty more than we need, of course, but we’ll enjoy leftovers later this week and JT will remember the tradition for far longer than that.  That’s happy!

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