Friday, March 08, 2019

I Declare Spring!

I woke up giddy this morning and not just because it was Friday.  Friday is nice, of course, but the real source of my happiness is the arrival of my personal Spring.  It starts today because today I have had enough of Winter tights, and dark colors, and wool sweaters.  Just a few months ago, those wool sweaters were cozy and warm.  Now they are scratchy and bulky and all things horrible.

Because I have declared the arrival of Spring. 

Today, I’m wearing Spring clothes because I have had enough of Winter.  I’m not a complete fool, so I have a sweater (but it's lilac and feels like Spring), but Spring clothes are in the closet and I’m not going back to Winter.  It’s Spring for me and it will remain Spring until Summer chases it away.  By then there will be blooms, green leaves, a garden to plant, a warm front porch, and flip flops. But all of that can wait because Spring is at hand.

Spring is proof we are alive.  Spring is the reward for all the indignities of the other seasons.  It is birds chirping, flower bulbs peaking through the cold soil, dogwood blooms, blue skies, unbound joy, and a reason to love the universe.  And for me it starts today.

The forecast, by the way, calls for temperatures to just hint at 40.  So it’s mainly my pride that will keep me warm.

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