Thursday, March 21, 2019


When he was 4, JT picked up a picture of me as a child and asked me why he was wearing a dress.  That memory came to mind this week when I was cleaning out closets and cubbies and came across a collection of school pictures from my childhood.  It would seem that kindergarten was no laughing matter.

I’ve always known that JT looks like me but this picture really drove the point home.  When I set it alongside a picture of JT at the same age I was amused, even if age 4 JT was simply tolerating having his picture made.

A much larger boy than this has been home from college this week and we’ve hung out, watched (and judged!) endless episodes of House Hunters, played cards, and generally relaxed.  He’s let me feed him and I’ve used his strength to get some house chores done.  On Sunday, he heads back to school for the outdoor track season and the last 8 weeks of classes.  Then his first year of college will be in the books.  And my mind will still be spinning, wondering at the rapid passage of time.

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