Sunday, March 17, 2019

Signs of the Season

As soon as March arrives, I am on the search for signs of Spring in my garden and yard.  I wouldn’t say it’s obsessive, but I check every day, so……

The benefit of this daily search for new growth is that eventually a happy 24 hours will arrive.  One day I look and see nothing peaking through the soil. And then the next day…….

The next day brings tulips peaking through a patch of grass in the front yard.  I planted these bulbs several years ago and they will bloom with splendid yellow tulips sometime in April.  In the flowerbed by the driveway, there is more evidence of life.

The ivy still looks cold and tired but it won’t be long before it turns a lush and brilliant green.  

Over my Spring Break, I will clean out flowerbeds all over my garden to prepare them for the coming warm season.  Soon enough, there will be floral treats to behold each morning.  That’s happy!

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