Sunday, November 05, 2006


The prompt over at Sunday Scribblings is morning. Lately, I have students who ask me these insane questions: "Ms. M, did you watch that 90 minute video on U-Tube that I told you about?"; "Why don't you see the Borat movie tonight (when it's a school night)?"; and my personal favorite, "Did you get our tests graded yet? (when the tests were only taken the day before). These questions remind me how busy my days are now that I'm a single parent. And morning is when it all begins.

5:50 am The alarm clock goes off, but I'm usually coming awake on my own. I take some deep breaths and think about the big tasks of the day ahead.

6:00 I'm up and in the hot steamy shower.

6:15 The coffee maker automatically clicks on, sending the smell of fresh-brewed coffee upstairs. I finish getting dressed, make my bed, and come downstairs.

6:20 Turn on NPR, pour a mug of coffee, and start packing the lunches (some pre-packing has been done the night before). JT's lunch includes a morning snack and an afternoon snack so the lunchbox is often bulging full.

6:28 Unload the dishwasher (which I know to be a 2-3 minute task).

6:31 Sit down at my computer for a few minutes to myself. Balance my checkbook, read some blogs that I like, update my blog. Sometimes I grade and exam or two, read a Newsweek article. Drink more coffee.

6:45 Head upstairs for JT's first wake up call. Take warm clothes from the radiator in his room (I set them out the night before) and place them in his bed. Run through JT's breakfast options. Hope that he is willing to get up.

6:48 Back downstairs. Start JT's breakfast; make my own; feed the kittens. Call upstairs to make sure the boy is getting dressed.

6:55 Breakfast for everyone. Cats included. One morning, I'm going to screw this up and wind up with a bowl of kitty kibble while the cats get Mama's granola. I eat at the table; JT has breakfast in front of the telly. I'm now on my 3rd cup of coffee.

7:05 Collect breakfast dishes, clean up the kitchen. Organize school bags for the two of us. Do I need a 4th cup of coffee?

7:10 Blow dry hair.

7:20 Head upstairs to brush my teeth and put on makeup (is this a day that requires glitter eyeliner?). Tell JT to put on his shoes and jacket.

7:27 Head 'em up and move 'em out. We're off to school.


Mommy said...

Somehow routines are comforting, are they not? :)

JaneDoe, Extraordinaire! said...

I stumbled upon your blog and I just love the things you write. I too am a teacher and L-O-V-E, love (note sarcasm) when they ask if the tests from the day before are graded yet. I'm glad they're interested in their grades, but dissapointed that they expect me to put life on hold to grade tests in one night (I have 140 students).

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you for getting so much done in the morning!

And you just tell those kids that you'll have their tests graded - as soon as you're done seeing the Borat movie. :)