Sunday, February 25, 2007


Here at Sassafras House we are getting ready for spring break and a trip to Florida. So JT's other mom ---- the one who suddenly hit the road last summer --- kindly bought him some shorts and t-shirts. At least it seemed kind because it saved me both the time and money of taking JT shopping to pick out new clothes. This weekend, I had him try on the clothes. They are enormous, far too big. Seriously, these aren't shorts, they're gauchos. And the shirts were a size 10 ----- the boy is 7 and a pretty scrawny 7 at that.

I find this all rather puzzling. And it's clear that Lisa, who regularly insists to me that she is just as much a parent as I am, is pretty damn puzzled herself. This afternoon, while JT is seeing her for their weekly visit, I will go out and exchange the giant shorts for the right-sized clothing.

Because that's what parents --- the kind who are the mama every day --- do.

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