Sunday, November 25, 2007

America in Decline

Microwave popcorn is a frequent after-school snack at Sassafras House. It's quick to make and goes well with a side of second grade homework. The other afternoon, as the popcorn popped, I had a look at the box that it came in.

As you can clearly see, the box reads "Pops up Faster." Has America been languishing for hours in front of the microwave, waiting for its freshly popped corn? Was waiting 4 minutes for microwave popcorn costing us endless hours of national productivity time? How long did America wait for a solution to this pressing national crisis?

Seriously? When we no longer can find the time to wait 4 minutes for a bag of microwave popcorn, we deserve the fate that we get. That's all I'm saying.

1 comment:

Sharkb said...

After having had your own stove top made popcorn, I can no longer eat the microwave mess.

Just sayin'.