Monday, November 19, 2007

Land of Dull Buildings

Though there is plenty of beautiful architecture in Washington D.C., it's also true that sometimes the buildings miss the architectural mark and call out with a Soviet-styled elegance. Add to that the fact that some of the buildings are also engaged in some pretty dull-sounding business, and you have the makings for some smart-mouthed commentary.

Whatever goes on in the Frances Perkins Department of Labor building just can't be much fun. From the looks of it, this building has never cut loose on a Friday night. And the Bureau of Labor Statistics? A nice-looking building but .....yawn.

Anyone for the Association of Counties? What kind of Saturday night fun do the counties scare up? Not surprisingly, the National Association of Realtors, has a brand-spanking new building.........I trust they've got a fixed-rate mortgage.

And here is the J. Edgar Hoover FBI building, with JT standing in front. This building looks like the perfect place to press record and monitor the phone conversations spy of your fellow Americans. Anyone care for a heaping serving of denial of habeus corpus? Some waterboarding? This building can make that happen.

Thanks to my colleague sw, who got the ball rolling on this particular game.

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Sharkb said...

No building is ever dull with JT in front of it.