Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ten Random Facts About Me

A while back, I was tagged for a meme by my friend s over at The deal here is that I must identify random facts about me. I'm trying for random facts that most people don't know about me and thus it's taken me a while to complete this list. So here goes:

1. I have the straightest hair on the planet (go ahead and insert your own joke here), but when the weather is humid two curls form at the nape of my neck. I've always longed for curly hair and I rather enjoy those curls.

2. Though my home is (compulsively?) neat and tidy, my desk at work is often a hellacious mess. I often try to remedy this situation, but have little success. On the other hand, I can usually locate what I need, so maybe it's no cause for concern.

3. I love corn tortillas, which I consider to the most perfect food. I would happily eat a meal of freshly fried corn tortillas (with salt.....lots of it) and avocado. It gives me no end of happiness that JT also loves corn tortillas.

4. I make excellent homemade corn muffins and biscuits. In fact, I'm prepared to throw down and assert that no one makes biscuits and corn muffins as good as mine.

5. Though I like to go shopping at malls, I mostly prefer to buy my clothes from catalogs on line. I think this is what happens when you've lived in rural Nebraska for 8 years (read: no decent shopping unless you drive 100 miles).

6. I have had a subscription to Newsweek since I was 14 years old and asked my parents to get one for me. I often wonder what my poor parents must have thought when their generally disagreeable teenage daughter announced her desire to read Newsweek. But they ponied up and then read the magazine so that I would have my own little Newsweek reader's group. Thanks mom and dad.

7. I lived in Tennessee for five years and it is the first place that I truly experienced all four seasons. I loved the Volunteer State and, given the opportunity, I'd go back there in a New York minute.

8. I like scarves, mittens, hats, and gloves.......all the accoutrements of cold weather. I'm always in search of just one more toasty item to add to my collection. I think that it's because I grew up in California, with little need for cold weather gear and so I think such things are exotic.

9. I make really tasty homemade popcorn. Hot, salty, and fresh it's just unbeatable. I learned to do it from my father, the only person whose popcorn is better than mine.

10. I almost always include a joke or two on tests, homework assignments and quizzes. It's like a tiny secret treat for my classes. One year, a student saved all the jokes and made them into a picture frame collage for me. It's one of the best teacher gifts I've ever received.


Sharkb said...

Very well done, Ms. S!

Gill said...

Loved reading this, especially number 10 :-) So are you going to share your corn muffin recipe???