Sunday, November 04, 2007

Real Life Conversations with JT

The backstory: A friend and I are off to the grocery store on Saturday afternoon, JT in tow. JT would prefer to be at home, playing, but that option was rejected. The drive over to Wegmans convinces me that it may be a less than relaxing shopping expedition. So in the parking lot I decide to make my behavioral expectations clear up front.

Mama: I hope that you're going to behave yourself when we're in the store.

JT (in exhausted, sighing tone, as if this is a situation well beyond his control): Me too.

Naturally, the grown ups in the car burst into laughter. And at least I could consider myself warned as we headed into the store.


Shelley said...

We are cracking up over this! Great catch; thanks for sharing it.

Sharkb said...

The sigh just about did me in.

sister AE said...

Big laughs here, too!