Sunday, March 16, 2008


The prompt at Sunday Scribblings this week is smorgasbord, by which they mean writers can choose any of the 102 prompts they've posted in the last two years. I looked at the list, let the ideas ramble about in my head, and have decided to write about my bed.

I think of my bed as my own personal nest. I've always felt that way. And my nest requirements are pretty exacting: soft sheets, lots of pillows, a good mattress that feels just cushy enough (I know it when I feel it), and the proper mix of covers. I like soft colors.....nothing too bold for me because, if it all works out, I'd like to sleep in this bed, not be energized. My current bed is pretty tall so I have to climb up on it. But I like that too: I feel like the princess and the pea (though there is no pea under my mattress).

I am a girl of exacting precision when it comes to the nest. The proper mix of covers varies with the seasons. In the very depth of winter, the proper mix is flannel sheets, a warm fleece blanket, down comforter in a flannel duvet cover, and on top of it all, my down quilt. That's the bed Lucy the cat is pictured in here.
With spring, the bed needn't be so warm, and I start scaling back the mix of covers. First to go is the extra down quilt, then the flannel sheets and flannel duvet cover get packed away. I re-mix the bed one layer at a time so that by the time summer arrives, I'll be down to poplin sheets and a nice heavy quilt (because mama likes her a/c). The picture below shows that bed.
I keep a few extra quilts on the shelf in my closet to add extra warmth as needed. As I think about it, the bed changes its mix nearly every month. And now I am wondering......perhaps what I identify as exacting precision is just being picky.

That's a post for another day.


Sharkb said...

Ain't no crime to like it the way you like it.

tumblewords said...

Yep. When it matters, it matters. Cozy bed and cozy cat!

Jane Doe said...

I too love my bed, so I can relate! I love to cuddle up under the covers with a good book and get all cozy.

FYI, I've started my own writing prompt site, and would love it if you would participate.

Jane's Inspirations

keith hillman said...

To much time sitting here, not enough time in bed! Your post made me yawn - in the nicest possible way!!!

Robin said...

Reading this I suddenly feel the urge to crawl back into bed and snuggle in under the covers.

No down on mine though - I'm violently allergic. I end up barking like a seal. I woke up an entire floor of a French hotel once after an attempt to use a feather pillow.