Monday, March 24, 2008

Women's Basketball: Live-Blogging Round II

On occasion, I have live-blogged political events. And tonight, for reasons that seem sensible at this very moment, JT and I have decided that we will live-blog the NCAA Women's Basketball tournament. It's the start of round II tonight.

First off, I'd just like to say a very public thank you to Orbitz, this year's sponsor of the women's tournament. I think that we all remember when Monistat brought us the women's basketball half-time report on ESPN. That was un-cool. So thanks are due to Orbitz.

And observation number two......what is the deal with the Baylor coach's BIG hair? I went to high school in the 1980s and so I know big hair when I see it. Memo to Kim Mulkey: less hair gel, sugar.

8 pm update
We're watching the LSU-Marist game. LSU is playing at home and with the inestimable Sylvia Fowles in their corner. She's impressive but even so, LSU is only leading by two points at the half.

Also, JT just showed me the crud and lint in his belly button. I say this with love: it is nasty. If he had a better mama, the child would be clean.

8:40 pm update
Operations have been moved upstairs for the basketball season treat: watching from Mama's nest. Tiger has joined us. Soon my human companion will tuck his booty into my bed and watch a bit more basketball. He'd like to stay up late to watch the Rutgers game (we are big fans of the Scarlet Knights). but first the boy has to brush his teeth....3 minutes of lost viewing time. As he put it, "that's brutal, Mama."
9:06 pm
Pitt has pulled into a winning lead over Baylor. Mulkey's hair still huge, despite 8 point loss. Lucy is in the mix.
9:31 pm
We just watched Andrea Riley deliver the win for Oklahoma State. It was an exciting moment for a team that two years ago was 0-16 and is now headed to the sweet 16......but all that adrenaline is not exactly conducive to getting your 8 year old asleep.

9:43 pm
Live-blogging is over as I require all of my attention to watch Rutgers show Iowa State how we play the game here in Jersey. That game will be starting shortly.

But it must be said as I end my live-blogging experiment that the Doris Burke, Kara Lawson, Stacey Dales, Trey Wingo combination that ESPN is running at the desk is great. I like them all and it's a huge improvement over the Mimi days.

Go Rutgers!

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Sharkb said...

Nice work on the blogging. Nice picture of you, the boy and the cat.