Friday, July 03, 2009

Blatant Plagiarism: Cat Blogging

On Fridays, one of my favorite political writers, Kevin Drum, takes a break from the usual political blog postings for a little cat blogging. It's a dose of sensible feline philosophy in the midst of the political discussions. Tiger and Lucy are smarter than the average cat and they read the cat blog every week. They are demanding equal time. So I have decided to blatantly copy the idea.

Here's Tiger, hoping that someone will bring him the remote-control so that he can watch Animal Planet on the TV.
And that would be Lucy enjoying some quality cuddling time (and Spongebob) with a certain young man of our mutual acquaintance.

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Nichole said...

So I just read the comment in your "about me" about how the cat likes to help himself to the iced tea. My cat loves to lick canteloupe, and I have caught him licking it many times because I'm stupid enough to leave it sitting out. I encourage the kids to help themselves, but obviously Tiger thinks that means him, too. Melon? Really? At least your cats let you pet them. My cat is a total tool.