Friday, July 24, 2009

A Bookish Girl

In preparation for our annual camping trip, I organize a big stack of books to bring on the trip. I always have a book by my side and during the school year I regularly read three or four books each month. My tastes are diverse: I read histories and biographies, books about politics, but mostly I escape the world via loads and loads of fiction. My tastes encompass both serious novels and fluff (I love a good mystery). Reading is my respite and retreat.

My reading pace picks up in the summer and I've been known to finish two or three books a week. The camping trip offers me hours and hours of reading time; sometimes I can spend an entire day reading a book. Below is a list of every book I've read this year:

January '09
Clare Boylan Emma Brown
Linda Bruckheimer The Southern Belles of Honeysuckle Way
Miss Read Farther Afield

February '09
Jonathan Lethem Motherless Brooklyn
Margaret Peterson Haddix Uprising
Anne Tyler Breathing Lessons
Kent Haruf Plainsong

March '09
Jennifer Donnelly A Northern Light
Diana Gabaldon Lord John and the Private Matter
Kent Haruf Eventide
Kate Furnivall The Russian Concubine
Michael Pollan The Omnivore's Dilemma

April '09
James D. Houston Snow Mountain Passage
Russell Banks The Reserve
Erik Larson Thunderstruck
Brian Keith Jackson The View From Here

May '09
Rick Bragg All Over but the Shoutin'
Kim Edwards The Memory Keeper's Daughter
Rick Bragg Ava's Man
Michael Pollan In Defense of Food
Hazel Holt Mrs Malory and a Time to Die

June '09
Heather B. Armstrong It Sucked and Then I Cried
Miss Read Village School
Miss Read Village Diary
Miss Read Storm in the Village
Miss Read Over the Gate
Miss Read The Fairacre Festival
Miss Read Village Centenary
Tim Cockey The Hearse You Came In On
Tim Cockey Hearse of a Different Color
Dambisa Moyo Dead Aid

July '09
Anthony Trollope The Way We Live Now
Tim Cockey The Hearse You Came In On
Tim Cockey Murder in the Hearse Degree

And here is the list of books I read while I was at Cape Cod:
Mark Twain The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Anne Michaels Fugitive Pieces
Alice Taylor To School Through the Fields
Miss Read Thrush Green


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Libby said...

Since you are obviously slacking in your summer reading, here's one more for you: Ann Patchet's RUN.