Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Toe Nail Polish

I know that I claimed to be developing my mind this week and so y'all can be excused for thinking WTF, she's writing about her toenails?

But, yeah, WTF, I am writing about my toenails.

Specifically, my love of a pedicure.

During the winter months, my feet take a beating. I do my best to treat them nicely but all that running on the elliptical machine and the dry, cold weather wreaks some havoc. Come sandal season, my feet are in need of help. Enter the nice people at Sunny Nails, who do their very best to avoid recoiling in horror when they see my feet. Then they roll up their sleeves, take command of my callous-laden hooves, and make my toes lovely.

For most of the summer, I take an hour every other Saturday(the weekends that the boy is away) to relax and treat my feet to a pedicure. I feel like this is a luxury of the highest order and I enjoy it. I especially like picking out the toe nail polish. I try to vary the colors but this week I picked my favorite color EVER: Hoodoo Voodoo. If OPI ever stops making it, that will be a tiny life crisis for me.

In the meantime, I'll continue to think happy thoughts about tanned feet and shiny toenails.

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Nichole said...

Love the Twain quote from Twitter. The book I read about the Old Testament recently told the story of how when Noah reached dry land the first thing he did was. . . sacrifice an animal. Makes no sense if you're trying to repopulate the world, but I guess that's why it's just a story.