Saturday, July 25, 2009

Camp Report

As we pulled out of the campground on Wednesday afternoon, JT made it official. "This was the best camping trip ever," he announced.

I couldn't agree more.

Given the cool and rainy summer we've had so far, the weather on Cape Cod was surprisingly cooperative, with plenty of blue skies and breezy sunshine on offer.
The beach, as always, provided hours of hole-digging fun.
Those same shovels are also quite handy should you be called upon to play air guitar.
The very dangerous shark who declared the ocean her own proved a thrilling challenge for the smack-talking invaders. Note: if the laughter was any indication, her bark was far worse than her bite.

We ended our annual tidal walk with a bit of impromptu dancing by certain young men.
Riding the 6 mile round trip bike trail to Herring Cove Beach was an awesomely enjoyable challenge.
Hanging around the camp site was pretty fun as well.
D's Auntie C drove on over from Boston and taught us how to make our very own silk-screened t-shirts. This batch, which combined a picture drawn by two very happy boys, will serve as a lasting reminder of the '09 trip to Cape Cod.
The jaunty shirts drying on the line say it best: we had a happy 10 days in the woods and at the beach, riding our bikes downhill, and basking in the glory of being with two very happy boys.

To answer Nichole's question: Hell yes, we slept in that tent for the whole trip (full disclosure: on an air mattress). And that was fine right up until the night it rained buckets and we discovered the waterproof limitations of our 12 year old tent. Now on my To-Do list: a new tent for family campouts.

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Nichole said...

Did you sleep in a tent for two weeks? Wow. Not I said the Nichole.