Sunday, April 15, 2012

By the Numbers

My friend N has 4 (yes, 4!) children and still finds time to blog.  A few days ago, after what seems to have been a particularly crazy week, she wrote a blog posting called "By the Numbers" in which she quantified her week.  I decided to plagiarize madly and do the same with my week.  So here is my by-the-numbers assessment of the week that was.

1: choir concert; parade attended; baseball game; lawn mowed; batch of cookies baked; garden planted!
2: toilets cleaned; fresh-sheeted beds
3: sinks cleaned; workouts completed
4: pitchers of ice tea consumed
5: blog postings written; suppers made
6: essays graded
7: items of clothing ironed; pots of coffee made
8: dishwashers emptied

It was busy but not exhausting, which sounds a bit like to dare to the universe.  I surely don't mean it that way!

1 comment:

Nichole said...

That's a LOT of tea. :-)