Monday, April 23, 2012

Dogwood Monday: Week 7

I am the sort of gardener who keeps a bucket list of plants and trees I'd like to have growing in my care.  One of the reasons I like my dogwood tree so much is because it's one of those trees I've always wanted to have in my care.  I don't remember them from my childhood in California, but dogwoods stood out the first spring I lived in Tennessee.  The white and pink blooms come out early down south and make a brave show in the changing colors of the spring woods.  I've never forgotten the beauty of my first southern spring and my dogwood is a reminder of that.
We had a heavy Nor'easter rain yesterday and so my dogwood is shown in watery sunlight this morning.  My tree is about done with its spring floral display and has turned its attention to the growth of big green leaves.
The hostas underneath the tree, lush displays themselves, look even lovelier with the dogwood blooms caught on their leaves.

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