Sunday, April 22, 2012

Real Life Conversations at School: George Clooney edition

The backstory: In my American Government class, we were talking about fund-raising innovation and I mentioned a current Obama Campaign effort: donate money to the campaign and the operation will enter your name into a contest to attend an Obama event to be held at George Clooney's house.  You'd get to meet President Obama and Governor Mike Morris.  I am a fan of both men and I was pretty excited.  But one of the students found it unlikely that I was interested in George Clooney because, ahem, I play for the other team.  I was just about to respond when student R interjected.

Student R:  Have you seen the man?  He's beautiful!

For the record, Student R is a young man, tall, conservative in personal habits.  And yet one more reason to love my school.


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Nichole said...

I'm sorry, but Clooney is hawt enough to turn a man gay. For reals. If it is possible for a man to suddenly one day wake up gay, George Clooney is the reason. Rick Santorum hasn't ever even watched ER because he's afraid Clooney will turn him gay.