Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Concussion Junction

The pictures in this post were all made on day twelve after JT's concussion.  I know that it was day 12 because it was the first day he was permitted to engage in any sort of physical activity.  This is a kid who runs everywhere and regards gym class as the only legitimate reason to attend school.  
Suffice it to say that he was very happy to return to a life of running up the hill, down the hill, and all around the hill.
We were on a school ceramics trip for the weekend and though the temps lingered in the 20s all day, that didn't stop JT.  He put on his hat and gloves and ran and ran and ran, pausing only to jump on the swing and fly about.  His cheeks were pink and warm and his smile lit his happy face.
I'm glad to see that his confidence in his strength and the power of his body hasn't wavered.  The way he ran and jumped and otherwise let out the energy he'd been storing up for the last 12 days made me so very glad.

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