Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Real Life Conversations at School: Sodomy edition

The backstory:  In my American Government classes, we study a couple of textbook chapters that cover civil liberties and civil rights.  They cover Supreme Court cases on a number of controversial issues, including the separation of church and state, criminal rights, and the death penalty.  It also includes the right to privacy and ultimately lands us in a discussion of abortion and sodomy laws.  It's not every woman who can look forward to going to school to talk sodomy with teenagers.  Over the years I've come to realize that a fact-based discussion of sodomy laws is the only way to play this lesson.  I've done it for so long, that I thought nothing would surprise me.  And then along came Student D.

Student D:  You know, Ms. M, until you told me, I had no idea what sodomy was.

Me:  Well, D, I confess, I'm not really sure how to respond to this revelation.

Student D:  Yeah, I went home and told my mom.  I don't think that she knew either.

Me:  Let the record reflect that I just passed up the best lead ever for a "your mama" joke.  I'm bigger than that, D.

Upon reflection, I'm wondering just what this mom thought when her boy came home to discuss sodomy and other things he's learned at school.  I'm hopful it didn't happen at the supper table.  

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