Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Live Blogging the State of the Union

I plan to live blog the SOTU but less than 10 minutes before the big event, it would seem that the national news media is much more interested in a play-by-play of the whole Christopher Dorner mess.  I've turned on the telly to a picture of a burning cabin near Big Bear.  Meanwhile, the House of Reps is filling up with members of Congress, who may or may not be less useless than Dorner....the jury is out on that question.

10:16 pm
That's a wrap.  Time for me to go to bed.  In this way, I can avoid the talking heads on TV.  That's a win.

10:14 pm
Ending on a hopeful note.  I'm still crying about the guns.  And realizing that Biden and Boehner are wearing lilac and coral ties, respectively.  Weird.

10:08 pm
Here comes the guns.

Me: I was so hopeful that Newtown would lead to something.  And it so has not......every day that passes without serious action on background checks and ammo limits, the NRA is winning, America.  And children are dying.  It's a tragedy of our own making.

Obama: 1,000 shootings since Newtown.

Me:  Seriously?  That is messed up.  I am truly ashamed of my nation.

Obama:  "They deserve a vote."

Powerful to hear that line being called in the chamber.  Pretty awesome, actually.  But doesn't change the fact that the NRA holds too many Senators by the short hairs.

10:06 pm
It's a chock-ful of policy speech, ain't it?  Commission for voting......we can fix this.  We can, but will the GOP let us?  I direct your attention to the voter registration bullshit that went on in Republican-controlled states last year.

9:59 pm
Cyber defense.  Good idea.  Maybe even bipartisan?

9:55 pm
Afghanistan draw-down continues.  There's a plan.  Is anyone really hopeful about it?

9:50 pm
Violence Against Women Act.....looking at you, House of Representatives.  I predict: It ain't going anywhere.  Neither is Paycheck Fairness, by the way.  Minimum wage is also a non-starter, though yeah, $9 is a worthy goal.

9:47 pm
Comprehensive immigration reform.  Let's hear it for the Dream Act.  Just so we're clear, the reduction in illegal crossing probably has as much to do with our crap-tastic economy as it does your enforcement at the border, Mr. President.

9:45 pm
"Hey, Mr. President, Science, technology, and math aren't worth a dime if they don't come with creativity and good writing skills," says this high school history teacher.

9:42 pm
High quality pre-school is such a good idea.  So long-term, so helpful to working families.  And so not going to happen in this nation.  We can't keep our kids from getting shot or give new parents decent maternity and paternity leave.  You know we'll keep dropping the ball on pre-school.

9:39 pm
Infrastructure, which is something I have been yammering about for years.  Years.  Bridges, roads, energy grid, nationwide wireless.  NOW.

9:34 pm
Climate change.  Lots of clapping, though Boehner still looks like he just sucked a lemon.  Obama linking progress on climate change to strong economic growth.  Name calls McCain, who looks confused since he no longer believes in the climate change that he believed in circa 2008.

9:32 pm
This would be more fun if there were thought-bubbles over the heads of members of Congress.  Someone tell Tim Cook to get on that.

9:28 pm
I like the "manufactured crisis" line.  That's a money quote.  "Deficit reduction alone is not an economic plan." Cha-ching.

9:25 pm
JT thought the Supremes were old.  Good thing he didn't see that trifecta shot of Sanders, Mikulski, and Levin.

9:22 pm
And sequestration, here we go. I so long for him to say, "screw it, no cuts."  Because we don't actually have a spending problem, America.  We have a grow-the-economy problem and budget cuts and fiscal austerity will make that worse.  Just ask Europe.

9:17 pm
The president invokes JFK and the idea that Congress is jointly responsible for progress.  Okay, but I suspect you and Boehner don't agree on what that progress means.  Just saw Paul Ryan and you can be damned sure he doesn't agree.  Blah, blah, compromise, blah. Mitch McConnell looks like a cranky Eeyore.

9:14 pm
JT just caught sight of the Supreme Court and announced, "Damn, they are old." Indeed.

9:10 pm
POTUS! Cantor is right behind him.  I cannot like that man.  I mean Cantor, of course. I want to shove him and smash his glasses.

9:06 pm
And now JT is here to watch. Which is good because I can't live blog and scoop ice cream at the same time.

8:59 pm
FLOTUS in the House.  Cabinet is also here.  White guys. Gah.

8:57 pm
When my hand is forced, I watch MSNBC.  But tonight they have Michael Steele on board. Heading over to CBS.

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Nichole said...

#1: Jon Stewart has an amazing Michael Steele puppet sketch. You should Youtube it. #2: Speech was great, but I am not hopeful Republicans will EVER agree with POTUS on anything, even something as small as admitting this country has a gun problem or that people can't like on $7.25 an hour or that women should be protected from abuse.