Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fading Winter Light

For most of February, I've been enjoying the light in the sky.  From the glorious morning sunrises I watch from the kitchen window as I sip my first cup of coffee to the evening sunsets, the light absorbs and cheers me.  That the daylight is lasting longer each day certainly contributes to my good cheer.  Last night, the sun slipped below the horizon just before 6 pm and my neighborhood was infused in a gentle light.  Even the air seemed easier, as if winter is finally losing its chilly hold.
I'm ready for warmer soil and time in the garden; for cardigan sweaters in the morning instead of mittens, tights, heavy coats, and scarves.  I long for chirping birds in the mornings and sunlight past 6 o'clock.  I want some twilight sun to warm an hour spent on the front porch.
See 'ya later, winter.

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