Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Treat

After an exceptionally cold December, the last two days have been exceedingly mild.  Today, it's already 67 degrees and will likely get warmer.  The snow piles from last week's storms are nearly gone.  I opened the windows so some of the fresh air could come inside and Tiger and Lucy were delighted with this development and they each selected a windowsill from which to observe the world.
In the winter, my cats make themselves comfortable on all the warm spots in the house.  They nap on the radiators, on a soft blanket on the sofa when the morning sun sun shines into the living room, Tiger tucks himself under a down comforter whenever one is available, and Lucy loves to curl up on the furnace itself (it's a boiler, so it can be quite toasty).  Come warmer weather, they enjoy the open windows, sniffing the air and tormenting the birds.
They are surprised to have the windows open this morning, but they are happy to take advantage of it.  They get an unusual treat and I get a reminder that the unexpected can make a day happier.  

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