Sunday, December 29, 2013

Generation Tolerance

JT has been known to enjoy shows like Ice Road Truckers, Hardcore Pawn, Duck Dynasty and Cutthroat Kitchen.  I have no affection for these shows and call it all Republican TV.  I don't watch them but neither do I edit his viewing of them.  This is mainly the case because that sort of parental censorship never pays off and I have confidence in the value system installed in JT long before Hard Core Pawn and Duck Dynasty entered his world.  He's nearly 14 and some choices should be his to make.

In the aftermath of the Duck Dynasty patriarch's offensive comments about gays, JT up and announced that he had deleted the show from his DVR and unfollowed the Duck Dynasty crew from social media sites he uses.  I was pleasantly surprised but, consistent with my original approach to his media consumption habits, pointed out to him that I didn't require such actions on his part.  He looked at me, surprised that I didn't get it.  He won't be a part of such caveman behavior; it is unacceptable to him.  Full stop.  If Duck Dynasty wants to be homophobic, they will do it without JT.

He's not alone in this decision.  A number of his friends also abruptly broke up with Duck Dynasty.  It should be noted that teenage boys are rarely among the most sensitive members of society.  But these kids know the difference between right and wrong and they have expectations about the world.  Since they were 5, long before Bobby Jindal or Barack Obama were a part of their world, they have expected that their buddy N, an Indian-American, will be the president some day (I happen to think they are right about this kid).  Tolerance is in their generational DNA and when they get next, we're all going to be just fine.

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